Making Space for Women 5 December 2017 proceedings
Women's Health Victoria, Plan International Australia, City of Melbourne |Published: December 2017
| Posted:
11 December 2017

The speakers explore the representation of women and girls in advertising and public spaces and how this perpetuates stereotypes that drive violence against women. Innovative opportunities to improve the representation and inclusion of women in Victoria are also discussed.

Women and media representation infographic
Women's Health Victoria |Published: September 2016
| Posted:
9 September 2016

This infographic summarises in pictorial form the key messages from the Clearinghouse Connectors on Women in advertising and Sexualisation of women and girls.

Clearinghouse Connector on online gendered harassment
Women's Health Victoria |Published: May 2016
| Posted:
1 May 2016

This Clearinghouse Connector explores gendered online harassment on social media platforms and includes local and international advocacy and policy work by governments as well as women themselves. It features free up to date resources.

Clearinghouse Connector on representation of women in advertising
Women's Health Victoria |Published: March 2016
| Posted:
1 March 2016

This Clearinghouse Connector presents a selection of freely-available current research on the impact of advertising on women’s health and wellbeing.

Clearinghouse Connector on Sexualisation of women and girls
Women's Health Victoria |Published: October 2014
| Posted:
1 October 2014

This Clearinghouse Connector on the sexualisation of women and girls contains a selection of up-to-date resources that are available online in full text. The information content is drawn from research, statistics, government policy, prevailing social conditions affecting women’s health status, and clinical and therapeutic management of health matters.