Our focus is on collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations who share our values and vision. We want to expand our capabilities by tapping into the expertise of universities, companies, individuals, trusts, foundations and other not-for-profit organisations to deliver innovative approaches and better outcomes for women.

Partner With Us

Our Approach

Ways in which you can partner with us

You can become involved with one of our current initiatives to enable us to expand its content and reach or support us financially to develop a new one. 

Examples of successful partnerships include:

Research Partnerships

Monash University, RMIT University and Healthtalk Australia on research into Early Menopause: Experiences and Perspectives of Women and Health Professionals 
Monash University and Healthtalk Australia on research into Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood 

Funding Partnership
The Labia Library - supported by the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust.
We became aware that genital appearance was becoming a key contributor to women’s poor body image when Victorian health professionals reported a dramatic increase in requests for cosmetic genital surgery between 2001-11. We developed The Labia Library to bust a few common myths about how normal labia look because we were concerned that many girls and women had no idea what healthy female genitals actually look like. We have been overwhelmed by the number of visitors to the website from around the world.

Program Partners
Counterpart Bridge of Support– supported by Sunshine Hospital.

We are always looking for ways to partner with other organisations to improve women’s health and wellbeing. For example, our Counterpart service is currently partnering with Western Health to deliver our innovative Bridge of Support program at Sunshine Hospital.

Project Partners
The Victorian Health Atlas – supported by Spatial Vision.

Our partnership with Spatial Vision has allowed us to develop the critically acclaimed Women’s Health Atlas as a tool to assist in the identification of gender impacts on key health areas. The purpose of the Atlas is to increase the availability of reliable data for evidence based decisions about service design, emerging priorities and program planning. The Atlas provides a coordinated State approach to support Women’s Health Services and other health planners to enable comparison between LGAs, Regions and the State.

Current Partnership Opportunities

Body Image Resource

Negative body image is prevalent among young women in Australia, impacting their physical and mental health and ability to participate equally in society.

Building on proven track record of successful online body image and health literacy interventions, WHV aims to develop a body image website that challenges unrealistic expectations and supports positive body image and mental health for women and girls. The website will include resources for young people, parents, health professionals and schools.  

Finding Common Ground
Supporting better conversations about contraception between women and their doctors.

This resource will enhance women’s understanding of evidence-based information in relation to contraception and include FAQ’s, quotes from real women, accessible text and images and tips for doctors about how to approach sensitive and mutually respectful contraception conversations with their patients. The resource would become a tool for doctors, developed with input from the RACGP and would be promoted to women and doctors via WHV’s new statewide sexual and reproductive health information and phoneline service, 1800 My Options.

Become A Partner

If you are interested in partnering with Women’s Health Victoria to help women live healthy, empowered and equal, contact us. We will get back with you to discuss what opportunities there are to work collaboratively together.

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