Best Practice for Education: Professional Development Showcase

Learning from world-class providers in Victoria, Australia.

Capturing Change

Women’s Health Victoria is excited to have been invited to join a group of Victorian education leaders in the development of a showcase of best practice in education. The course presents a wide range of topics from expert institutions including universities, government organisations, vocational institutes, schools and edtech startups. This course was funded by Study Melbourne and is a Victorian Government initiative, providing dedicated support and services to the international student community, industry partners and wider international education sector. Women’s Health Victoria is proud to be a partner in this process and to have contributed to the course content.

This course presents a series of standalone modules relevant to anyone engaging with learning and education. Participants will explore ways to shape learner’s minds and truly make a difference in a range of different ways, including:

Explore the wealth of expertise in teaching available from world leading institutions in Victoria, Australia through this free professional development showcase for educators.

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