The Victorian Women’s Health Atlas is a ground-breaking interactive tool developed by Women’s Health Victoria to illustrate the relationship between gender and health.  

Health Atlas

The Atlas provides easy access to sex-specific data on a range of key health and socioeconomic issues that affect Victorian women. Interactive maps allow users to visualise, track and compare selected health indicators, across regions and local government areas in Victoria.   

Developed and launched by Women’s Health Victoria in 2015, in collaboration with other statewide and regional women’s health services, the Atlas has become an important tool for health planners and policy-makers. 


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How to join the Atlas mailing list

- Visit the Join Us page: 
- Choose the first option: WHV Friend – Free
- Select ‘Next’
- Enter your email address, the select Next
- Enter your first name and last name
- Scroll down (using thin grey bar at the right) to see the various mailing lists.
- Select ‘Yes’ for Women’s Health Atlas (Gendered Data)
- Scroll down the form to complete relevant fields (those with * require an answer)
- Select ‘Next’. 
- Review and confirm.

Visit the Health Atlas

For more information or to view and compare Victorian data at statewide, regional and local government area levels.

Visit Victorian Women’s Health Atlas