Women’s Health Victoria is the course owner of Australia’s first accredited course in gender equity - Course in Gender Equity (22521VIC) developed in 2020 with funding from the Victorian Government as part of the Accredited Gender Equity Training Project.


To find out more about how the project came about and who was involved visit the Accredited Gender Equity Training Project page.

The Course in Gender Equity

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The Course in Gender Equity (22521VIC) was developed by industry for industry and includes eight units of competency that will provide course graduates with the knowledge and skills required to understand, support and apply gender equity within the workplace, meeting the professional development needs of the emerging gender equity workforce:

1.  VU22770   Develop a gender lens to support gender equity work
2.  VU22771   Apply a gender lens to own work role
3.  VU22772   Communicate effectively with gender equity stakeholders   
4.  VU22773   Establish support for gender equity work
5.  VU22774   Explore gender equity policy and practice in the workplace   
6.  VU22775   Undertake a gender assessment
7.  VU22776   Develop gender equity strategies
8.  VU22777   Implement and monitor gender equity strategies

The course includes units to establish a strong conceptual understanding of gender equitable practice; it is aimed at people with an entry-level working knowledge of gender, noting that participants may not, however, be entry level to their work role.

The Gender Equity Microcredentials

The Gender Equity Microcredentials are online short courses that have been developed by industry for industry, ensuring their relevance to the professional development needs of the emerging workforce contributing to gender equality in the workplace. The Microcredentials are suitable for any person whose work role requires them to have an understanding and awareness of gender equity in the workplace.


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Where are gender equity workers found?

Gender equity workers are found across a broad range of industries and sectors and in roles that span a range of levels of autonomy and responsibility. They may be specialist workers where gender is the main focus of their role, but they may also be workers who engage with personnel, stakeholders and/or community whereby they have an opportunity to practice gender equity in their work.


Training providers

Training Providers

Training providers have an important role to play in building gender equity workforce capabilities.

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Building gender equity workforce capabilities is the first step in creating an inclusive workplace.

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