Real bodies: understanding and celebrating labia diversity cover image
Women's Health Victoria |Published: 17 June 2024
| Posted:
17 June 2024

The Real Bodies: Understanding and Celebrating Labia Diversity report by Women's Health Victoria reveals that almost one-quarter of young Australian women feel anxious or unhappy about their labia, driven by the influence of porn and online media. This anxiety has led to an increase in female genital cosmetic surgery.

Labia Library Real bodies report media release cover image
Women's Health Victoria |Published: 17 June 2024
| Posted:
17 June 2024

A new survey by Women’s Health Victoria and YouGov has found that almost one quarter of women aged 18-24 feel anxious, embarrassed or unhappy about the appearance of their labia, which can have damaging impacts on their physical, mental and sexual health and wellbeing.  

In My Prime Webinar March 2024 title slide
Women's Health Victoria |Published: 20 March 2024
| Posted:
21 March 2024

An expert panel discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion when developing resources for women over 50, sharing their professional and lived experiences, and drawing on insights and learnings from the In My Prime project led by Women's Health Victoria.

Front cover of WHV submission to draft National Obesity Strategy
Women's Health Victoria |Published: 03 November 2021
| Posted:
3 November 2021

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) welcomed the opportunity to provide feedback to the draft National Obesity Prevention Strategy in November 2021.

Spotight on older women's health and wellbeing
Women's Health Victoria |Published: December 2017
| Posted:
6 December 2017

This Spotlight features a list of up-to-date and freely available research and resources on the topic of older women's health and wellbeing.

Growing up unequal image
Webster A, Anderson R, Barr M. |Published: October 2017
| Posted:
1 October 2017

The aim of this paper is to look at young women's health and wellbeing between the ages of 10 and 20. We examine young women's experience of six interrelated priority health areas: physical health, sexual and reproductive health, body image, relationships, mental health and social inclusion.

Young women's health and wellbeing Fact Sheet
Women's Health Victoria |Published: October 2017
| Posted:
10 October 2017

This fact sheet summarises the key points relating to young women and physical health, sexual and reproductive health, body images, relationships, mental health and social inclusion.

Serving up inequality image with border
Upston B, Anderson R, Wojcik E. |Published: September 2017
| Posted:
3 October 2017

This paper explores various aspects of women’s health relating to food. These include the impacts of nutritional deficiency, the links between nutrition and chronic disease and women’s food-related behaviours.

Young womens health Clearinghouse Connector thumbnail
Women's Health Victoria |Published: November 2016
| Posted:
1 November 2016

This Connector contains a selection of freely available resources focusing on young women's health. 

Clearinghouse Connector on Obesity and women
Women's Health Victoria |Published: July 2016
| Posted:
1 July 2016

Over half of Australian adult women (56.3%) are overweight or obese, compared with 70.8% of men. This Clearinghouse Connector features free up-to-date resources on women and obesity.