Women’s Health Victoria’s goal is for all Victorian women to experience optimal sexual and reproductive health at every life stage. This includes the ability to manage fertility and access contraception, have safe, respectful and pleasurable sexual relationships and access safe and legal abortion.

Sexual and Reproductive health
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Working to ensure women have the right and ability to access safe and legal abortion in Victoria is a long standing priority of ours and is vital in supporting women’s health and gender equality.

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1800 My Options

For information about contraception, pregnancy options and sexual health contact or visit 1800 My Options, our phone line and information service for all Victorian women.

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Access to contraception and the ability to control fertility is fundamental to women’s health and wellbeing. Browse our publications and resources or visit 1800 My Options for information about contraception, pregnancy options, and sexual health.

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The Labia Library

Have you ever wondered if your vagina is normal? Lots of women have. Just like any part of the body, labia come in all shapes and sizes. View the photo gallery and get the facts here. 

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Sexual & Reproductive Health Training

Want to know more about sexual and reproductive health (SRH)? Explore our full range of SRH training available.

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