Gender inequality is a recognised social issue in Australia. Addressing gender inequality is central to improving the lives of all Victorians. 


Training providers

Course In Gender Equity

When gender inequality is addressed in the workplace, gender equality can be influenced and improved across all parts of society. Vocational education and training has an important role to play in addressing this issue. If you are working with industry to build workforce capability, this course can form a part of your offerings.

Women’s Health Victoria recognises the importance of training provider and industry links and can provide the industry support required; including capability building for trainers so that currency and competency can be demonstrated, and the program validation required when delivering accredited vocational education and training.

The Course in Gender Equity (22521VIC) comes with a suite of mapped teaching and learning resources ready for immediate delivery including an online virtual workplace.

The Courses in Gender Equity (22521VIC) curriculum and teaching and learning resources can be licensed by training providers and provide a readymade kit for extension to scope.



Microcredentials are certification-style learning programs that individuals choose to study to improve a skill found in a particular industry area. They are short, online courses that provide learners with a digital certification or a 'digital badge' when complete.

The Gender Equity Microcredentials can be delivered as parallel learning, supporting the development of workplace skills in gender equity for students completing a formal qualification in any study area. They can also be delivered as professional development for any workforce providing flexible online learning to build gender equity capability.

There are six Gender Equity Microcredentials available:



Licensing options

The Course in Gender Equity and the Gender Equity Microcredentials resources are available to Registered Training providers under an annual license agreement.

With this valuable opportunity training providers can start the conversation with industry today about how they can provide the education programs required by workplaces to build the capacity of their workforce.

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