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Submission to Inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces front page

Submission to Inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

Women's Health Victoria |Published: 28 February 2019
| Posted:
8 March 2019

This submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission national Inquiry puts forward evidence-based key principles for effectively addressing and in particular, preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Labor's plan is a game changer for women's reproductive rights - thumbnail

Labor's plan is a game-changer for women's reproductive rights

Women's Health Victoria |Published: 6 March 2019
| Posted:
6 March 2019

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) is thrilled by the announcement that Labor will deliver Australia’s first ever National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy if elected.

Power to prevent sexual harassment at work front page

Power to prevent: urgent actions needed to stop sexual harassment at work: Joint statement

|Published: 28 February 2019
| Posted:
28 February 2019

A group of 100 diverse organisations, unions, researchers, peak bodies, health professionals and lawyers are calling for State, Territory and Federal Governments to take urgent and coordinated action to prevent and respond to sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

WHV Training Calendar 2019 front page

Women's Health Victoria training calendar 2019

Women's Health Victoria |Published: February 2019
| Posted:
11 February 2019

The Training Calendar provides an overview of forthcoming workshop sessions from February to June 2019, including scheduled dates and times, costs, and a brief summary of the content.

Terms of reference for the Victorian Royal Commission Into Mental Health submission front page

Submission informing the Terms of reference for the Victorian Royal Commission Into Mental Health

Women's Health Victoria |Published: January 2019
| Posted:
25 January 2019

Women's Health Victoria provides feedback on the proposed TOR, and discusses the incorporation of women's experiences and needs into the Royal Commission processes. 

Take A Stand factsheet front cover

Take a Stand against domestic violence factsheet

Women's Health Victoria |Published: January 2019
| Posted:
15 January 2019

This factsheet introduces Women's Health Victoria's award-winning workplace-based program for the prevention of violence against women, including the benefits to workplaces of taking part in the program, with testimonials from employers and employees.

Spotlight on cosmetic surgery and women's health cover image

Spotlight on cosmetic surgery and women's health

Women's Health Victoria |Published: December 2018
| Posted:
20 December 2018

This Spotlight features a list of up-to-date and freely available research and resources on the topic of cosmetic surgery and women's health.

Advertising inequality issues paper front cover

Advertising (in)equality: the impacts of sexist advertising on women’s health and wellbeing

McKenzie M, Bugden M, Webster A, Barr M |Published: December 2018
| Posted:
6 December 2018

The aim of this issues paper is to provide an overview of significant literature currently published on the nature of gender portrayals in advertising, and the impacts of these representations on women’s health and wellbeing, gender inequality and attitudes and behaviours that support violence against women.

Great expectations issues paper front cover

Great expectations: how gendered expectations shape early mothering experiences

Anderson R, Webster A, Barr M |Published: November 2018
| Posted:
20 November 2018

The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of: gendered expectations about birth and early motherhood; how these expectations impact mothers’ health and wellbeing; and the way in which these expectations and experiences both stem from and reinforce gender inequality.

Labia Library knowledge paper front cover

I never realised they were so different: understanding the impact of the Labia Library

James A, Webster A |Published: November 2018
| Posted:
14 November 2018

This paper explores the effectiveness of the Labia Library website in improving women’s health literacy, based on almost 3,000 free text user survey responses.