Women’s Health Victoria is a statewide women’s health promotion, advocacy and support service. Our vision is women living well - healthy, empowered and equal.

We collaborate with women, health professionals, researchers, policy makers, service providers and community organisations to influence and inform health policy and service delivery for women. Our health promotion, information and support programs work with and for women, to identify and respond to service gaps and health inequalities in innovative ways.  

We advocate and build system capacity for a gendered approach to health across several priority areas by publishing targeted research, producing policy submissions, compiling gendered data, developing resources, delivering training and events, and running programs and services.   

You can find out more about the work we do in each of our focus areas and how you can connect with us by clicking on the buttons below. 

Sexual and Reproductive health

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Our goal is for all Victorian women to experience optimal sexual and reproductive health at every life stage.

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Prevention of Violence Against Women

Prevention Of Violence Against Women

Gender equality in public and private life is at the core of preventing violence against women. We have been leading work in the in this area for more than a decade.

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Women With Cancer

Women and Cancer

We continue to sustain and develop the key health focus area of women with cancer.  This is evident in the superb service provided by Counterpart - connecting, supporting, and informing.

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Mental Health and Body Image

Mental Health and Body Image

Gender roles and the social context of women’s lives influence their mental health and wellbeing, making their mental health needs different from men’s.

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Gender Equity

Women's Equality

Gender is increasingly recognised as a key social determinant of health. Women’s health outcomes are shaped by gender inequality, which is why it’s at the centre of all our work.  

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Healthy Active Living

Healthy and Active Living

Physical activity and access to nutritious food are important for the prevention and management of chronic disease, good mental health, and social connection.

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Topical Issues

Women’s Health Victoria applies a gender lens to all aspects of health, including new, emerging and neglected health issues for women.  

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