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In recent months we’ve seen too many shocking and heartbreaking examples of gender inequality and violence splashed across the media, even in our nation’s capital - stories that have been a stark reminder of the battles women still face today.

For more than 28 years, Women’s Health Victoria has been at the forefront of change in our state, fighting to ensure women are healthy, empowered and equal.

We support the rights and voices of all women, with a strong record of ensuring the needs of all women are being heard. We have influenced policy and health outcomes with government, providing expert advice and advocacy.

Gender equality is a human right and underpins women’s health. Equal pay, equal representation, equal opportunities, feeling safe at work, on the street and at home, getting the services we need… we’ve waited too long for this to change.

Every woman deserves to feel safe.

Every woman deserves equality in income, political representation, health and education.

Every woman deserves a better recovery from the impacts of recent local and global events.

Every woman has the right to live healthy, empowered and equal.

Women’s Health Victoria is creating change by delivering vital health services and innovative gender equity projects, including Australia’s first accredited GE training and actively dismantling gender stereotypes in the advertising setting through shEqual. But with limited funding, these current projects can only go so far. 

That's why your help now is so important.