Women's Health Victoria |Published: 18 April 2018
| Posted:
18 April 2018

Women’s Health Victoria welcomes the recent report handed down by the Community Affairs References Committee as part of the Senate Inquiry into transvaginal mesh implants and related matters.

Reproductive coercion
Women's Health Victoria |Published: March 2018
| Posted:
1 March 2018

This submission explores the issue of reproductive coercion, how it can be experienced by women, and how it may be prevented and addressed. As a health promotion organisation, Women’s Health Victoria has particular expertise to offer in relation to primary prevention, gender equity and strengthening service delivery for women.

Making Space for Women 5 December 2017 proceedings
Women's Health Victoria, Plan International Australia, City of Melbourne |Published: December 2017
| Posted:
11 December 2017

The speakers explore the representation of women and girls in advertising and public spaces and how this perpetuates stereotypes that drive violence against women. Innovative opportunities to improve the representation and inclusion of women in Victoria are also discussed.

Women's Health Victoria annual report 2016-2017
Women's Health Victoria |Published: October 2017
| Posted:
30 October 2017

This annual report contains a review of activities, and achievements of Women’s Health Victoria for the period July 2016 to June 2017.

Setting the agenda for gender equity submission
Women's Health Victoria |Published: August 2017
| Posted:
21 August 2017

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission provides a high level summary of key issues, strategies, initiatives and organisations intended to inform Labor’s future commitments to addressing gender inequality from the national level.

Women's Health Victoria, Family Planning Victoria |Published: 7 March 2017
| Posted:
7 March 2017

A significant increase in notifications of family violence and sexually transmitted infection (STI) over the past year has been captured by the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas.

Valuing sport and recreation submission
Women's Health Victoria |Published: March 2017
| Posted:
9 March 2017

Sport and increased physical activity has potential to make a huge difference in the lives and wellbeing of women and girls in Victoria.

Women's Health Victoria |Published: July 2016
| Posted:
2 July 2016

Safe access to abortion is good public health practice and plays an important role in supporting women’s health, equality and wellbeing. Access to medical abortion is associated with numerous potential benefits for women, including greater choice, as well as lower costs. However, in Victoria ongoing barriers to accessing medical abortion include high costs, the multiple appointments required, and a lack of services in rural and regional areas. In 2016 Women’s Health Victoria in partnership with Family Planning Victoria and the Royal Women’s Hospital held two forums relating to access to medical abortion in Victoria.

Clearinghouse Connector on online gendered harassment
Women's Health Victoria |Published: May 2016
| Posted:
1 May 2016

This Clearinghouse Connector explores gendered online harassment on social media platforms and includes local and international advocacy and policy work by governments as well as women themselves. It features free up to date resources.

Abortion after 24 weeks
Women's Health Victoria |Published: May 2016
| Posted:
6 May 2016

This fact sheet sets out questions and answers relating to abortion after 24 weeks in Victoria.