Victorian gender equality strategy submission
Women's Health Victoria |Published: March 2016
| Posted:
21 March 2016

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission provides a strong, evidence-based foundation for an effective and meaningful gender equality strategy for Victoria.

Clearinghouse Connector on multimedia for gender equity
Women's Health Victoria |Published: December 2015
| Posted:
1 December 2015

This is a collection of high-quality multimedia resources (videos and infographics) grouped into four themes: gender equity, preventing violence against women, gender analysis and gender stereotypes.

Women's Health Victoria |Published: 27 October 2015
| Posted:
27 October 2015

The Minister for Health, the Hon Jill Hennessy MP, last night launched the Victorian Women’s Health Atlas at Women’s Health Victoria’s Annual General Meeting.

Clearinghouse Connector on Gender equity
Women's Health Victoria |Published: July 2015
| Posted:
1 July 2015

This Clearinghouse Connector features a selection of recent academic research, local and international policy documents, fact sheets, position statements as well as strategy documents relating to gender inequity in health, experience of violence and access to social and economic resources.