Gender equity

Women's Health Victoria
Published: July 2015
Series: Spotlight

This Clearinghouse Connector features a selection of recent academic research, local and international policy documents, fact sheets, position statements as well as strategy documents relating to gender inequity in health, experience of violence and access to social and economic resources.

Gender equity is the process of being fair to women and men by recognising diversity and disadvantage and directing resources accordingly to create equal outcomes. Equity denotes the series of actions needed to be taken before equality can be achieved. Gender equality, the absence of discrimination based on one’s gender, is attained through gender equity.

Gender inequity permeates our culture as evidenced by:

By acknowledging the cultural, social and economic factors that disadvantage women, gender equitable policies can be supported by allocating extra resources and targeted policies to bridge the gap in order to achieve equality.

Some groups of women experience increased inequity due to compounding power and privilege differentials, including; women with disabilities, women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal women.


Women's Health Victoria (2015) Gender equity. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne. - (Clearinghouse Connector; Jul 2015)

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