Forum Proceedings: Delving Deeper Into Gender Transformative Practice

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 16 March 2020

This interactive symposium explored the application of gender transformative practice in the women's policy and health promotion sector, with a focus on engaging men in the work to prevent violence against women. The forum features the launch of the knowledge paper Towards gender transformative practice, an expert panel discussion on men and masculinities, insights from International leaders, and break out sessions with participants.

This forum was held on 3 December 2019 at VicHealth in Carlton, Melbourne. The event was presented by Women's Health Victoria, in partnership with VicHealth and Our Watch, with support from the Victorian Government. 

A companion event - Think Again: Why Sex and Gender (Still) Matter In Women's Health - was held on 2 December 2019. 

Proceedings available:

- Linden Deathe - Interviewer (Women's Health Victoria)
- Dr. Lorraine Greaves (Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, Canada)
- Dr. Nancy Poole (Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, Canada


Women's Health Victoria (2020) Delving Deeper Into Gender Transformative Practice: proceedings of a forum held 3 December 2019. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne.

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