Women's heart health
Women's Health Victoria |Published: September 2016
| Posted:
5 September 2016

This infographic summarises the key messages from the Clearinghouse Connector on Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and women in pictorial form.

Women and pain Clearinghouse Connector thumbnail
Women's Health Victoria |Published: September 2016
| Posted:
1 September 2016

A number of biological and psychosocial factors contribute to women’s different experience of pain. This Clearinghouse Connector features a number of free resources focussing on women and pain.

Women and oral health Issues Paper
Begnell P, Anderson R, O'Halloran A. |Published: July 2016
| Posted:
26 July 2016

Oral health is necessary for good quality of life and encompasses more than just having healthy teeth.

Women and oral health Fact Sheet
Women's Health Victoria |Published: July 2016
| Posted:
26 July 2016

This fact sheet provides an overview of women's oral health, it's relationship with other health conditions and recommendations for improving women's oral health.

Clearinghouse Connector on cardiovascular disease (CVFD) and women
Women's Health Victoria |Published: February 2016
| Posted:
1 February 2016

CVD is the leading cause of premature death in Australian women and this Connector provides a range of freely available resources relating to CVD and women.

Submission in response to the Health 2040 Discussion Paper
Women's Health Victoria |Published: December 2015
| Posted:
18 December 2015

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission on the Health 2040 discussion paper on the future of healthcare in Victoria has been developed in collaboration with, and with contributions from, the other members of the Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV).

Clearinghouse Connector on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health
Women's Health Victoria |Published: November 2015
| Posted:
1 November 2015

This Clearinghouse Connector provides a list of up-to-date resources that are freely available focussing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's health.

Clearinghouse Connector Reproductive coercion August 2015
Women's Health Victoria |Published: August 2015
| Posted:
1 August 2015

This Clearinghouse Connector contains a selection of up-to-date resources focussing on reproductive coercion.