Submission to End Gender Bias In Australia's Healthcare System Survey 2023_cover image
Women's Health Victoria |Published: 13 October 2023
| Posted:
8 November 2023

Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to this National Women’s Health Advisory Council consultation in October 2023.

Submission on Draft report of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health cover image
Women's Health Victoria |Published:
| Posted:
23 January 2020

Overall WHV supports the areas for reform outlined in the draft report. However, all reform areas need to integrate a sex- and gender-based analysis to ensure mental health services and prevention efforts address the sex-based and gendered determinants of mental health specific to women and girls.

Terms of reference for the Victorian Royal Commission Into Mental Health submission front page
Women's Health Victoria |Published: January 2019
| Posted:
25 January 2019

Women's Health Victoria provides feedback on the proposed TOR, and discusses the incorporation of women's experiences and needs into the Royal Commission processes.