Priorities for Victorian women's health 2015-2019

Victorian women's health services
Published: February 2015

The Victorian women’s health sector recommends the development of a comprehensive women’s health policy and action platform for 2015–2019.

Recommendations include:

1.     Development of a statewide sexual and reproductive health strategy that is evidence based and developed through engagement and consultation with key stakeholders;

2.     Investment and leadership in the primary prevention of violence against women;

3.     Research and action on women in a changing society, specifically the impacts of climate change on the health of Victorian women;

4.     Development of a gendered mental health and wellbeing plan;

5.     Further investment in the Victorian Women’s Health Program to implement initiatives arising from the actions above.


Victorian women's health services (2015) Priorities for Victorian women's health 2015-2019. Women's Health Association of Victoria. Collingwood, Vic.

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