Forum Proceedings: Access and Equity II: Inclusive and culturally diverse SRH services in Victoria

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 14 January 2020

This forum sought to identify ways to build and develop services to better meet the needs of diverse service users - informed by lived experiences of people from communities traditionally underserved by sexual and reproductive health services.

This forum was held on 8 October 2019 at Queen Victoria Women's Centre in Melbourne. The event was planned and delivered by Women's Health Victoria, and brought together professionals from the sexual and reproductive health sector. 

Speakers included:
- Dr. Ruth De Souza - Forum MC
- Jen Hargrave and Zoe Dorrity - Women With Disabilities Victoria
- Jasmin Chen - Multicultural Centre for Women's Health
- Amelia Arnold and Julian Grace - Thorne Harbour Health
- Gaby Bruning - Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)

Speakers took part in a facilitated Q&A and panel discussion, after which a workshop was held to enable participants to apply the content of the presentations and panel discussion to practice.

This is the second of four sexual and reproductive health forums that WHV plans to deliver in 2019 and 2020.

Access the forum video recording here (


Women's Health Victoria (2020) Access and Equity II: Inclusive and and culturally sensitive SRH services in Victoria (and how to build them): proceedings of forum held 8 October 2019. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne.

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