Atlas Education Resource: Geography Level 9-10: Geographies of human wellbeing

Barlow S; Women's Health Victoria; Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria
Published: 03 July 2020
Series: Women's Health Atlas Education Resource

These Geography classroom exercises are designed to enable teachers and students anywhere in Victoria to draw on real-world local data to investigate issues, identify spatial variations, and interpret health and gender impacts. 

The Victorian Women's Health Atlas provides a rich source of data for teaching and learning, including many datasets that are not publicly available elsewhere. This Geography series, based on the Atlas, has been developed in partnership with the Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria (GTAV). With clear links to the Victorian Curriculum, each resource includes detailed teacher instructions and student worksheets:

Access the full suite of Women's Health Atlas Education Resources via the Atlas website.

Read more about the Geography resources project here.


Barlow S (2020) Geography Level 9-10: Geographies of human wellbeing. Women’s Health Victoria and Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria, Melbourne. – (Women’s Health Atlas Education Resource)

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