Training: Gender and Health Serving up Inequality

Serving up Inequality: A workshop about women, food messaging and health promotion

$220 pp General (Incl. GST) | $155  pp Concession (Incl. GST)

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About the workshop

This full-day workshop explores how gender and gender inequality impact women’s health and their relationship to food. The workshop navigates the complexities of health messaging, body image, and the expectations of women’s role with food and nutrition. The workshop also explores the controversy that exists in public health and health promotion regarding the approach taken and key messages that should be adopted in relation to food-related behaviours and body size to promote ‘health’ and prevent illness for women. 

Did you know?

Being female is the strongest risk factor for the development of an eating disorder, and eating disorders are the third most common chronic illness among young women.

What does this workshop cover?

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for professionals or students working in a range of areas including health promotion, mental health, nutrition, social policy, community development, health and support services, women’s health, community health and local and state government.

When is the next workshop?

This training is delivered throughout the year at Women’s Health Victoria’s training centre in Melbourne’s CBD. We can also deliver the training off-site and can tailor it to a specific audience upon request.

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Serving up Inequality Issues Paper



"[the most useful aspect was] the health atlas and just the entire conceptual underpinning that provides a feminist path towards promoting health and wellbeing in relation to food – which is really hard to wade through."


"[I gained] the importance of putting a gendered lens on eating, food access, food preparation. Psychosocial aspects [of the] discussion [were the most useful]."


"The analysis tool will be enrichening of my team’s thinking in this area- Thanks!"


"This is an issue I felt I had a lot of experience in – although there is a lot more for me to learn that’s for sure!"