Valuing sport and recreation

Women's Health Victoria
Published: March 2017
Series: Submission

Sport and increased physical activity has potential to make a huge difference in the lives and wellbeing of women and girls in Victoria.

As a significant part of the social and cultural life of our community, sport has the potential to drive action for gender equality and the prevention of violence against women, and deliver a wide range of long term social, health and economic benefits for Victoria.

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission to the Victorian Government’s Valuing Sport and Recreation discussion paper summarises key evidence for women and girls’ lower participation in sport and recreation and the barriers they face to increasing their participation. The submission suggests a broad framework for creating gender equitable policy, programs and environments and highlights promising initiatives aimed at increasing women’s and girls’ participation in sport and recreation and a broader social agenda of fairness, inclusion and equality.


Women's Health Victoria (2017) Valuing sport and recreation : [submission to the Victorian Government discussion paper]. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne.

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