Submission on the Victorian Gender Equity Bill

Women's Health Victoria
Published: September 2018
Series: Submission

Women’s Health Victoria have identified opportunities to strengthen some aspects of the legislation. In particular, opportunities to refine some of the principles and processes specified in the Bill to ensure that the Gender Equality Bill achieves its objectives. 

WHV has provided responses to the specific questions provided in the discussion paper:

·         Q1.  What do you think are the critical actions necessary for the success of gender equality legislation?

·         Q2.  What other activities should the government undertake to support this legislation?

·         Q3.  What do you think is best practice in measures to support implementation of legislation that drives lasting social change?

·         Q4.  Do you agree that these are the critical principles and actions that should underpin the legislation? What should be added, or needs to be changed?

·         Q5.  What else should be included in Gender Equality Action Plans to support demonstrating compliance to the principles?

·         Q6.  What preparation, guidance materials or training is needed to support organisations to develop Gender Equality Action Plans?

·         Q7.  What kinds of public sector targets should be included in the regulations of the Gender Equality Bill?

·         Q8.  What is needed to ensure representation of women from diverse backgrounds?

·         Q9.  What frequency or volume of reporting would strike a balance between transparency and accountability, whilst minimising regulatory burden?

·         Q10.  How can the Victorian Government leverage procurement and funding practices to promote gender equality in the wider community?

·         Q11.  Do you think that the proposal for monitoring and compliance of the Bill is fair and balanced?

·         Q12.  What is needed to ensure that the advice of the Ministerial Council is considered in other policy areas that may compound or contribute to gender inequality?

·         Q13.  Do you think this timeline is appropriate for the proposed roll out?

·         Q14.  What preparations are needed to ensure readiness of organisations before legislation takes effect?

·         Q15.  What should be done to encourage or incentivise broader sectors or organisations to voluntarily comply with the principles, even if they aren’t obliged to do so?

More information on the Bill can be found here.


Women's Health Victoria (2018) Submission on the Victorian Gender Equity Bill. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne

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