Rural women and health

Women's Health Victoria
Published: September 2015
Series: Spotlight

This Clearinghouse Connector features a selection of recent academic research, articles, policy documents and reports from regional women’s health organisations on rural women’s health.

Women living in rural and regional Victoria experience poorer health outcomes than those living in major cities. This can be due to limited access to services and risk factors including obesity and social isolation.

Family violence is a significant problem in regional Victoria. Women in regional and rural locations encounter additional barriers to escaping men’s violence, including; geographic and social isolation, limited private finances, challenges with maintaining anonymity and privacy, limited crisis accommodation and transport, and less access to support and health services than is available in metropolitan areas.

Adolescent rural women have a higher incidence of depression compared to women in urban areas which can be attributed to mental health risk factors such as isolation, hardship, and lack of mental health services. Rural women also face barriers to accessing reproductive health services including limited choice in health care providers, transport and distance to services, and lack of privacy.


Women's Health Victoria (2015) Rural women and health. Women's Health Victoria. - Melbourne (Clearinghouse Connector; Sep 2015)

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