Objectification of women

Women's Health Victoria
Published: June 2015
Series: Spotlight

This Clearinghouse Connector contains a selection of up-to-date resources on the objectification of women that are available online in full text. The information content is drawn from research, statistics, government policy, prevailing social conditions affecting women’s health status, and clinical and therapeutic management of health matters.

Objectification is the process of representing a person as an object to be owned or consumed, rather than as a person in their own right. Examples include:

The objectification of women through media and advertising can be internalised and has far-reaching implications for women’s body image, physical and and mental health.

However, objectification and sexualisation of women and girls is not just an individual health issue – it permeates our culture and shapes expectations of what are acceptable roles and behaviours for men and women.


Women's Health Victoria (2015) Objectification of women. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne. - (Clearinghouse Connector; Jun 2015)

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