Addressing reproductive coercion [Round 2]

Women's Health Victoria
Published: August 2018
Series: Submission

This submission provides Women’s Health Victoria’s feedback on Hidden Forces, Marie Stopes Australia’s draft white paper on reproductive coercion.

The draft white paper takes a comprehensive approach, informed by the large number of submissions Marie Stopes Australia received from organisations with differing and complementary expertise. As a result, there is now an opportunity to refine the key themes and messages of the white paper, in order to maximise its impact and usefulness both to service providers and policy makers.

This document aims to briefly highlight what Women’s Health Victoria sees as the key considerations or principles which it believes should be given clearer prominence in the final version of the white paper. These include:

Finally, some specific recommendations for additional content have been included.

More about the resulting white paper produced by Marie Stopes Australia can be found here


Women's Health Victoria (2018) Addressing reproductive coercion [Round 2] [Submission]. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne.

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