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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

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Statement Of Purposes

  1. Within a feminist philosophy provide a statewide women’s health information service offered by women for the women of Victoria.

  2. Through the application of a health promotion framework incorporating the social model of health, prevent illness, disease and injury and promote independence, health & wellbeing using a variety of interventions.

  3. To identify and respond to the health issues of the women of Victoria and to inform the public, health service providers, policy makers and resource allocators about these issues.

  4. To be informed by, and encourage the validation of, women’s experiences of health and ill-health.

  5. To promote women’s right to control our own bodies in every aspect of health care.

  6. To empower women and communities through the use of information and educational resources to act on health matters.

  7. Work to improve women’s health and wellbeing through participation, collaboration and partnerships with women, the community, women’s services and other organisations.

  8. To ensure that the service is responsive to the needs of women who experience disadvantage and discrimination.

  9. To engage in charitable and/or benevolent activities which are consistent with these purposes.

  10. To engage in any activity which is consistent with these purposes and which concerns women’s health and wellbeing.

Content Reviewed: 25 February 2009
Last Updated: 25 February 2009