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Who We Are

Women’s Health Victoria is a not-for-profit, statewide women’s health promotion, information and advocacy service.

We work with health professionals and policy-makers to influence and inform health policy and to improve service delivery for women.

Our work is underpinned by a social model of health and a commitment to reducing inequities in health which arise from social, economic and environmental determinants.

By incorporating a gendered approach to health promotion that focuses on women, interventions to reduce inequality and improve health outcomes are more effective and equitable.

The current priority issues of our advocacy, policy and health promotion work are:

In addition to health promotion and advocacy, we provide a number of direct services.

Women’s Health Victoria acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.


Women’s Health Victoria (formerly the Healthsharing Women’s Health Resource Service) arose from the 1993 amalgamation of Healthsharing Women (established in 1987) and the Women’s Health Resource Collective (established in 1983).

Content Reviewed: 7 May 2018
Last Updated: 7 May 2018