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Violence Against Women

Why is the prevention of violence against women a priority?

Violence against women is a significant health issue for women. The health and economic costs are considerable. Women who have experienced violence are more likely to suffer from mental health issues and ongoing physical conditions 1. In Victoria:

Men are the main perpetrators of violence against women, and predominantly men known to them 6. There are influences within Australian culture that encourage a tolerance of violence against women and discourage men from taking responsibility for their violence. This is evident in the reporting of violence, representations of women, and conviction rates for crimes involving violence against women 1.

Women’s Health Victoria is committed to the prevention of violence against women.

What we do to prevent violence against women

Women’s Health Victoria works in the primary prevention of violence, that is, we aim to prevent violence before it occurs, by influencing or eliminating the underlying determinants of violence against women.

Our current initiatives to prevent violence against women include:

Take A Stand Partner Program

Take A Stand is an Australian-first, whole-of-business program aimed at preventing violence against women, and supporting employees who are experiencing it.

For more information visit the Take A Stand webpage, email Take a Stand or contact Women’s Health Victoria.

Everyone’s Business professional development package

The Everyone’s Business professional development package comprises a full-day workshop, a copy of the Everyone’s Business guide and membership of a supportive practice network. Everyone’s Business provides practitioners with the necessary theoretical base and practical skills to start planning and implementing a workplace program aimed at the primary prevention of violence against women.

For further information about Everyone’s Business and other scheduled courses visit Women’s Health Victoria workshops.

Violence against women resources

Browse our publications and resources relating to violence against women.

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Content Reviewed: 20 January 2015
Last Updated: 20 January 2015