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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Acting On Opportunities

Why is ‘acting on opportunities’ a priority?

In addition to our four main health promotion priorities, there are many other issues that affect Victorian women. Limiting work to sexual and reproductive health, mental health and wellbeing, and physical activity and access to nutritious food would mean that significant opportunities to improve women’s health outcomes would be passed over.

These opportunities are both planned and unplanned. They might relate to diseases and conditions that are more common in women, they can stem from the social conditions that influence women’s gender roles, they can arise through federal and state policies, or via unforeseen circumstances such as the Victorian bushfire crisis or the global financial crisis. Other areas include work to address the entrenched disadvantage that the majority of women in and post prison experience.

It is important that we have the flexibility to take up these opportunities for improving Victorian women’s health outcomes as they arise.

What we do to act on opportunities

Women’s Health Victoria acts on opportunities to improve women’s health outcomes by increasing the gender responsiveness of policy and planning. We do this by:


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Content Reviewed: 2 October 2009
Last Updated: 2 October 2009