Domestic violence can have a damaging impact on the lives of employees at home and at work. The good news is that we can all play a role in changing the culture that allows it to occur.  

The effects of domestic violence are felt at work, and include absenteeism, reduced productivity and safety risks for the victim and other employees. Take a Stand focuses on what people in the workplace can do to make a difference; it promotes a positive message that change is possible.

Why Take a Stand?

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What Take a Stand can do for your workplace

Take a Stand has been informed by the input of leading researchers and authorities in the violence prevention field. It is updated regularly to ensure it remains at the forefront of programs to prevent domestic violence. Take a Stand has won a variety of awards, including an Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award, a VicHealth Health Promotion Award, and a Victorian Community Sector Award.

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“The program helped me realise that it’s all up to us. We can all play a part in change. By stopping and taking a stand for the little things, comments etc, it can prevent more serious scenarios”


“The training showed me there are simple ways to call out things that perpetuate violence against women”


“The tools to take a stand were most beneficial because they were practical and staff were able to apply them to their shift the next day, or the next week or month”


“It addresses the sort of things that people often don’t like to talk about ... it's a really positive thing to talk about them and put them on the table and have healthy conversations about them ... to normalise it and say that it’s okay if someone is going through this and you can get support”


“It shows that as a company we stand up against violence in the workplace and against domestic violence, that we are a caring employer. Employees can discuss stories with each other, ways to help each other out, bring everyone together and work as a team”


“I think it would be great to see it in every workplace across Australia”