Towards Gender Transformative Change

Gender Transformative Practice to Prevent Violence Against Women Masterclass 


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 About this masterclass 

This full day masterclass aims to build participants’ confidence and skills to undertake effective gender transformative practice as part of their primary prevention and gender equality work. This masterclass explores the key theoretical principles underpinning gender transformative work, reflecting on their own practice and experience. Participants are supported to unpack some of the key challenges to putting this work into practice and will work together to explore opportunities to overcome these challenges. While there is no step-by-step process to undertaking gender transformative practice, the masterclass aims to support practitioners to develop the critical thinking and reflection skills required to incorporate a gender transformative lens to their practice. 

What is primary prevention of violence?

Primary prevention of violence against women (PVAW) addresses the underlying causes and drivers of violence so that it doesn’t happen in the first place. It is different to tertiary prevention – or response work – which supports survivors and holds perpetrators to account after violence has occurred. PVAW seeks to change the social norms, practices and structures that allow violence to take place. 

The masterclass covers 

  • The theoretical framework underpinning gender transformative practice and how it applies to our work 

  • Applying an intersectional lens to our gender transformative practice 

  • Working with men in transforming masculinities 

  • Practitioner care and self-care 

Who should attend?  

This masterclass is designed for experienced practitioners working in the primary prevention and gender equality sectors. Participants will be supported to reflect on and draw from their own practice experience and knowledge throughout the masterclass. 

Participants are required to have a strong understanding of violence against women, primary prevention, Change the Story, the causes/drivers of violence against women as this content will not be covered in the masterclass. Participants are also expected to be familiar with the concept of intersectionality. 

When is the next masterclass? 

This training is delivered throughout the year at Women’s Health Victoria’s training centre in Melbourne’s CBD. We also delivery the training off-site and can tailor it to a specific audience upon request.  

Please note: participants are expected to have a strong understanding of the following documents: