Women’s Health Victoria announces support for a Voice to Parliament

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 16 June 2023


On behalf of Women’s Health Victoria, the Board supports the Voice to Parliament as the first step in realising the three core objectives outlined in the Uluru Statement from the Heart: a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution, treaty, and truth-telling.

As an organisation, our values of respect, inclusion and courage, outlined in our Innovate RAP, have led us to this position.

WHV is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their right to self-determination through a Voice to Parliament to directly influence decisions that affect their lives.

As an organisation committed to health equity, with a primary focus on women, trans and gender diverse people, we understand that a Voice to Parliament will empower First Nations peoples to be directly engaged in decisions that impact health outcomes across their communities.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity of views among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the proposed Voice to Parliament to be voted in in the referendum. We will continue to respectfully listen to and hear the different perspectives and provide our support to First Nations peoples and communities. It is their voices that must be centred in this conversation.

We understand that First Nations people want to see truth, justice, and treaty and recognise the referendum is only the beginning. More work will be needed beyond the Voice, for true reconciliation and healing to be achieved.


Women's Health Victoria (2023) Women’s Health Victoria announces support for a Voice to Parliament. Women's Health Victoria Media Release (June 16)

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