Universal sexual and reproductive health access: finally within reach

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 25 May 2023

Women’s Health Victoria commends the findings of the six-month-long inquiry that explored barriers to sexual and reproductive health care access in Australia.

“Women’s Health Victoria is pleased to note that our key recommendations, relating to workforce capacity and sustainability, cost of service, health literacy, and health service cultural safety have been considered,” said Dianne Hill, CEO of Women’s Health Victoria.

Among the recommendations are calls for accessible contraception and abortion across Australia, and the establishment of a national telephone service that would leverage the experiences of existing initiatives, such as 1800 My Options and healthdirect, to ensure that it is fit for purpose, delivers accurate local information, and builds on the experiences of services operating in those jurisdictions.

1800 My Options, a service of Women’s Health Victoria, can serve as a blueprint for high-quality, independent, confidential, pro-choice information services for all people seeking sexual and reproductive healthcare.


Women's Health Victoria (2023) Universal sexual and reproductive health access: finally within reach. Women's Health Victoria Media Release (May 25).

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