Towards a gendered understanding of women's experiences of mental health and the mental health system

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 30 January 2023
Series: Issues Paper

This paper frames the structural, cultural, and service issues that inhibit good mental health and wellbeing and gender responsive mental health care for women and girls.

Drawing on mostly Australian research, data and women’s lived experience of mental ill-health and the mental health system, this paper discusses the determinants of women’s mental health and illness and their experiences accessing care. With a focus on the Victorian mental health system, it highlights how the ‘building blocks’ of policy settings, funding, workforce, and research and data collection can both contribute to and reduce gender inequality.


Barr M, Anderson R, Morris S, Johnston-Ataata K (2023) Towards a gendered understanding of women’s experiences of mental health and the mental health system. Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne. (Women's Health Issues Paper; 17).

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