Submission on Termination of Pregnancy Bill Queensland

Women's Health Victoria
Published: September 2018

Women’s Health Victoria strongly supports the current Bill which seeks to decriminalise and regulate abortion provision in Queensland and provides for the establishment of safe access zones. Safe and legal access to abortion is good public health practice and plays an important role in supporting women’s broader health and wellbeing.

WHV has made previous submissions supporting the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland over recent years including the Abortion Law Reform (Woman's Right to Choose) Amendment BilI and the subsequent Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill 2016, as well as responding to the Queensland Law Reform Commission’s Review of Pregnancy Termination Laws Consultation Paper of December 2017.

Submitted to the Queensland Law Reform Commission. Related documents can be found here: 

The Bill was introduced into Parliament on 22 August 2018 and passed on 17 October 2018. 


Women's Health Victoria (2018) Submission on Termination of Pregnancy Bill (Queensland). Women's Health Victoria. Melbourne.

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