Recovery and resilience: recognition, representation and gender equal investment after COVID-19

Victorian Women's Health Services
Published: 06 April 2022

Women’s Health Victoria together with other Women’s Health Services across Victoria have come together to call for more funding and support to advocate for meaningful investment in public health, wellbeing and intersectional equality.

Victorian women: Sick of small change
Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Victorian women have gotten sicker, more anxious, more financially insecure, all while shouldering a disproportionate burden of care and domestic work. However, state government investment in Women's Health Services - whose core mission is to support and advocate for Victorian women's health, safety and wellbeing - has stagnated, with services receiving $2.05 per woman, per year.

The Victorian state budget presents us with an historic opportunity - to innovate and remodel the way we work, the way we look after each other, the way we rebound economically. Now more than ever, Victorian women need us to invest in them and their health. We're calling for Women’s Health Services funding to be increased by $5.75 per woman, per year. And we want to see first-time investments in women with disabilities, Indigenous women, LGBTIQ women, trans and gender-diverse people and migrant and refugee women, too. 

Because Victorian women are sick of small change.

Find all the information about our collective Women's Health Services state budget bid.

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