Counterpart celebrates 20 years of peer support: women supporting women with cancer

Women's Health Victoria
Published: 23 May 2023

Women’s Health Victoria is delighted to mark the 20th anniversary of Counterpart – a highly unique peer support cancer service that connects and supports women – with a celebratory event on Thursday 25 May 2023.

Counterpart Manager, Cindy Van Rooy said "Counterpart supports women with cancer from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Counterpart's Peer Support Volunteers have lived experience of cancer and provide peer support over the phone and in person, including at hospitals. We run events, including webinars and in-person workshops, and connect women with reliable, evidence-based information. Importantly, Counterpart’s services are free and confidential. Every woman’s experience of cancer is different but talking to another woman who has had cancer can help. We are a statewide service, so we can support women with cancer no matter where they live”.

Women’s Health Victoria Chief Executive, Dianne Hill said: "Counterpart is truly unique due to the long-standing involvement of volunteers, some of whom have contributed up to 20 years to the service and all of whom have experienced cancer themselves. We have had 168 volunteers, who have provided over 29,000 hours of quality peer support and information to women with cancer over 40,000 times since it started in 2003.”


Women's Health Victoria (2023) Counterpart celebrates 20 years of peer support: women supporting women with cancer. Women's Health Victoria Media Release (May 23).

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