1800 My Options evaluation: summary report

Gilbert K, Boudville A, Keenan C
Published: 01 March 2021

Independent evaluation demonstrates that 1800 My Options increases timely access to essential sexual and reproductive health services, reduces stigma around abortion and contraception, and services diverse communities across Victoria.

This report summarises the first external evaluation of the 1800 My Options service by Nossal Institute for Global Health in 2020.

In its two and a half years of operation, 1800 My Options has made a significant contribution to the Victorian sexual and reproductive health service system. Its key aspects - being publicly funded, managed by a respected non-clinical provider, with a tightly defined service model – are the foundation of its successes. In particular, the evidence shows that the dedicated phone line is strongly valued by users and SRH service providers as a source of accurate, non-judgemental information for women.



Gilbert K, Boudville A, Keenan C (2021) 1800 My Options evaluation: summary report. Nossal Institute for Global Health. University of Melbourne

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