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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Women's Health Banners

As part of women’s health promotion and advocacy, ten banners have been created with information on different women’s health issues. The banners aim to raise awareness of the biological (sex) and social (gender) differences in women’s experience of health.

The issues were selected as a sample from a range of topics within health determinants, health issues, and health priorities. Content was created by a range of representatives from the women’s health services and health promotion agencies.

The banner content is available in two formats – a display version with original images and a text version with full references.

The women’s health banners are available for borrowing. For more information, refer to the Banner terms and booking form (PDF 30 KB)

The ten women’s health banner topics are:

Why women's health: an overview: banner

Women and alcohol: banner

Women and cancer: banner

Women and financial security: banner

Women and heart disease: banner

Women and mental health: banner

Women and sexual and reproductive health: banner

Women and social connectedness: banner

Women and tobacco: banner

Women and violence: banner

Content Reviewed: 23 September 2011
Last Updated: 23 September 2011