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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Women and diabetes: Gender Impact Assessment

Type 2 diabetes is the focus of this report because of its prevalence, growing incidence and its strong association with lifestyle factors. Current evidence is used to outline the contributing factors, co-morbidities and management of type 2 diabetes specific to women. Change needs to occur at a societal level to address current gender roles and the way in which they affect women’s ability to be physically active, make healthy food choices and manage co-morbidities. Recent national and Victorian chronic disease prevention strategies have been broadly aimed at the population in general. Existing initiatives and policies need to be adapted to acknowledge the reality of women’s lives and address the modifiable risk factors, management and treatment of type 2 diabetes in women.

Women_and_diabetes_GIA.pdf (114.10KB)

Women and diabetes / Yeats B, Tipper R, Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, May 2010 - (Gender Impact Assessment 13)