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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Women and depression: Gender Impact Assessment

Life context and social and structural determinants are shown to inform health experience. Research findings increasingly identify gender as a determinant of mental health and women continue to have higher incidences of depression than men. Yet, desite this, local and national policies and service provision generally fails to reflect, inform, plan or provide for this. It highlights the need for gender mainstreaming across all government and non-government departments and services. This would raise awareness about the various and multiple ways mental health and depression is influenced and experienced differently by women and men. It would assist the implementation of gender responsive planning, policy-making and practice.

Women_and_depression_GIA.pdf (66.47KB)

Women and depression / Rice K, Tsianakas V, Quinn K, Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, August 2007 - (Gender Impact Assessment; 1)