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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Women and corrections: Gender Impact Assessment

The rise in women being sentenced to prison in Australia, and in Victoria, requires that Justice and Corrections services continue to address differences between the experiences of women and men. Prevention, early intervention and diversion initiatives must be gender responsive. This is particularly so in light of the connection between women’s offending behaviour and illicit drug use and of the disproportionate rates of abuse experienced by women sentenced to prison. The Better Pathways strategy has brought about major changes in an effort to ensure equity and appropriate provision of programs and services to women in prisons, but ongoing systemic monitoring and review is necessary to ensure that the social, cultural, economic, health and other conditions specific to women are incorporated into planning, policy, programs and services for, about and to women prisoners and offenders.

Women_and_corrections_GIA.pdf (76.87KB)

Women and corrections / Quinn K, Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, August 2008 - (Gender Impact Assessment 3)

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