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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Women and cardiovascular disease: Gender Impact Assessment

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major cause of death and a significant cause of disability for Australian women. To ensure a high quality of care both the general population and health professions need to be aware of the difference between women’s and men’s experience of CVD. Implementing the National Service Improvement Framework for Heart, Stroke and Vascular Disease would improve both prevention initiatives and care of those who have already developed CVD. Prevention efforts should begin with women from areas of socioeconomic disadvantage and indigenous women, as rates of CVD are disproportionately high in these populations.

Women_and_cardiovascular_disease_GIA.pdf (65.14KB)

Women and cardiovascular disease / Yeats B, Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, December 2008 - (Gender Impact Assessment 6)