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VAADA Victorian Government AOD community consultation 2012

Submission by Women’s Health Victoria to the: Whole of Victorian government AOD community consultation, held by the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association. This consultation is in addition to consultation held in 2011 by the Victorian Department of Health. It seeks comment and ideas on how the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs can be reduced, including reflections on the current treatment system, role of Government and ideas for reforms in specific areas. WHV’s submission makes recommendations regarding: gender sensitive policy and treatment approaches; high-risk populations of women; risk factors related to the use of alcohol and drugs by women; accessing support services; and the need for future gendered research.

Submitted to: Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association. Further information about the consultation process can be found here.

Submission-VAADA-Victorian-Government-AOD-community-consultation-2012.pdf (62.69KB)

Submission: Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association whole of Victorian Government AOD community consultation / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, February 2012.