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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Termination of pregnancy: frequently asked questions

Please note that this material no longer reflects the current law in Victoria. However the content may be relevant to law reform advocacy in other jurisdictions.

Covers: what Australians think about termination of pregnancy (abortion); how common termination is; how many 2nd and 3rd trimester terminations are performed each year; the termination procedures available; access to services in Victoria; the cost of termination procedures; the legal status of abortion in Victoria; the risks posed by unsafe termination of pregnancy; what needs to be done to improve termination of pregnancy services in Victoria; and how removal of termination of pregnancy from the Victorian Crimes Act would protect doctors.

Termination-of-pregnancy-frequently-asked-questions-May-2008.pdf (522.91KB)

Termination of pregnancy: frequently asked questions / Rice, K. - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, May 2008.