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Victorian Womens Health Atlas

Senate Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission focuses on the role of the Commonwealth Government and opportunities for national reform. The Commonwealth Government has a critical role to play in driving the whole-of-society normative and structural change required to achieve gender equality.

This submission has highlighted two key areas for Commonwealth-level action:

  1. engagement with the media, advertising and entertainment industries. This submission has suggested several strategies that the Government could adopt for the media setting, including strengthening the regulation of advertising that sexualises and objectifies women, and exploits harmful gender stereotypes.

  2. development of a comprehensive national gender equality strategy. Such a strategy should simultaneously target the norms, practices and structures that drive gender inequality and take a whole-of-community approach to reversing it. It should require all governments to show leadership by role-modelling change and mainstreaming gender across all policy and programs. The Commonwealth should also take action in its key areas of policy responsibility to improve women’s civic and economic participation and economic security

Note: WHV’s separate submission to the 2016 Victorian gender equality consultation contains a conceptual framework for State-level, whole-of-community action to address gender inequality.

Submitted to: Senate Finance and Public Administration Committees.

More information about the Senate consultation can be found here.

Submission_Senate-Inquiry-into-DV-and-gender-inequality_2016.pdf (1652.22KB)

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne : Women's Health Victoria, April 2016