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Medicare Benefits Schedule review: Vulvoplasty protocol

Submission by Women’s Health Victoria to the: MBS review: Vulvoplasty protocol. The submission makes a number of recommendations in relation to: how ‘medically indicated’ is arrived at and documented (particularly where based on the size of the labia and reported functional issues); exploring the possibility that surgery sought through this item may have cosmetic intent at its core; and ensuring that the protocol incorporates any psychological reasons that could provide a medical indication for labioplasty or vulvoplasty.

Submitted to: Australia. Department of Health and Ageing. Medical Services Advisory Committee. Further information about the consultation process can be found here.

Submission-MBS-Review-Vulvoplasty-protocol.pdf (228.72KB)

Submission: MBS review: Vulvoplasty protocol / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne : Women's Health Victoria, February 2013