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Inquiry into the impact of violence on young Australians

Submission by Women’s Health Victoria to the: Inquiry into the impact of violence on young Australians. Focuses on the nature of violence against young women and how violence has a considerable impact on the health of young women. Discusses: the incidence of violence against young women; perceptions of violence and community safety; links between substance abuse and violence; social and economic factors that contribute to violence; and strategies to reduce violence against young Australian women. Contends that policies and strategies need to challenge factors such as gendered power relations that perpetuate violence against women.

Submitted to: Australia. House of Representatives. House Standing Committee on Family, Community, Housing and Youth. Further information about the inquiry can be found here.

Submission_Inquiry_into_impact_of_violence_on_young_Australians.pdf (41.30KB)

Inquiry into the impact of violence on young Australians: submission / Women's Health Victoria. - Melbourne: Women's Health Victoria, October 2009