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Inquiry into hepatitis C in Australia

Women’s Health Victoria’s submission highlights the need for a gendered approach to all aspects of healthcare and policy relating to women and HCV. Recommendations include:

  1. Invest in gender responsive testing and treatment services including needle and syringe programs specifically for women

  2. Break down stigma for mothers who may have HCV or are vulnerable to infection because of injecting drug use, supporting harm reduction for women and children

  3. Invest in women’s prison health services to strengthen their capacity to deliver testing and treatment for HCV as a key strategy for addressing HCV in women

The submission also notes the need for specific specialist services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to address the additional health vulnerabilities, stigma and barriers to accessing services experienced by these groups.

Submitted to Australia. House of Representatives. Standing Committee on Health.

More information about the Inquiry, and the resulting Final report can be found here.

The final report The silent disease was tabled in Parliament on 25 June 2015 and is available here.

Submission_Inquiry-into-Hepatitis-C_in_Australia_2015.pdf (351.01KB)

Submission to the Standing Committee on Health Inquiry into Hepatitis C in Australia / Women's Health Victoria - Melbourne : Women's Health Victoria, February 2015